From VR to Architecture

Musings on potential of VR, as a student of Architecture (2005)

Few sketches from my dissertation, 13 years ago:


Static Image Display Vs Interactive Virtual Environment

AR Rakhi

If it's the thought that counts,
why not an Augmented Reality Rakhi.

Made using : Unity3D & Vuforia (& Lean Touch)


Short Film (2018) 
360° | 3D | Spatial Audio

As Aisha waits for Priya, the flutters guid her. 
She follows the Dragonfly.

BEST VR/AR/360° VIDEO & Official Selection 
at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF) 2018

The film is this tale of waiting. Aisha longs for the return of her lover who has undergone a grievous incident. While she holds onto a glimmer of hope, her patience begins to test her. 'Dragonfly' wishes to immerse the viewer in an experience that fluctuates between Aisha’s reality, memories and hopes.

Official Website:

Dragonfly : Trailer Coming Soon

Yeri Oram

Yeri Oram | 360 Music Video | Student Work

Song - Written, Composed and Rendered by : Herold P. C .
Editing : Azif Ismail
Audiography : Sam Santhosh
Cast : Herold P.C.
360 Video Crew : Nupur Agarwal, Vicky Chandaliya

Guide: Jayesh Pillai

VR@IDC 2016


Yeri Oram
360° Music Video by Herold P. C., Nupur Aggarwal & Vicky

Dream On 
Dream Exploration Game by Saloni Mehta, Anjana S. & Nazreen Nizam

 Jail Break
Room Escape VR Game by Chinmay Parab & Vivek Paul

The Kandinsky Experience
Interactive VR Painting by Abhijith K. R.

 Rolling in the Deep
VR Experience with Interactive Wheel Chair by Rahul Manoharan

Interactive VR Game by Chandni Rajendran & Ajinkyaraj More

Degree Surfer
'Infinity Corridor' VR Game bGokul C.J., Himanshu Hazarika, Raj Laxmi Soy & Nishant Venketesh


Short Film (2016)

During a road trip, siblings Isha and Akash encounter a homeless street dweller who might be their long lost friend. Trying to get him back home, they learn more about his dark past and why his home might not be where he belongs.

The film explores the rekindling of an old friendship, in the course of which we get a glance into the inner psyche of Gulzar, a lost soul.

Gulzar : Trailer

Gulzar : Auditions