Chal ! (Come)

Student Short Film (2007) 
by Jayesh Pillai and Haveesh Vemuri

"Chal" is our visualization of a world where difference in abilities don't matter.... and children live and grow together happily. The spirit of nurturing this diversity is the essence of the film.

Theme: celebrating diversity
Event: Ability fest 2007(won 3rd place)

The Kids: Abhilash, Ashish, Khushbu, Rohit
Singers: Khushbu, Rohit, Simran
Special thanks to: Mrs. Meera Noronha, Principal at The Spastics Centre, Kanpur
Concept | Visualization | Music: Haveesh Vemuri, Jayesh S. Pillai
Listen to music: Chal Chal...


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