Beyond (Atheetham)

Short Film

A researcher exploring Virtual Reality realizes how it could affect our mind beyond imagination.


- Selection at Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner 2011.
- Selection at New Media Film Festival 2011, Los Angeles, California.
- Selection at 2nd Int. Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala 2009. 

Duration: 8’ 22”
Cast: Vivek Chacko, Lekshmi Meghanad
Production Designer: Ananth Ambattu
Props: Shine Raj, Shaan Raj, Mahesh S. Pillai
VFX | 3D Animation: Jayesh S. Pillai, Prantik Banerjee
Screenplay | Dialogues: Jinoj Mathidharan
Storyboard | Editing: Jayesh S. Pillai
Cinematography: Prahlad Gopakumar
Concept | Direction  | Music: Jayesh S. Pillai

OST of Atheetham


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