Somewhere Far

Short Film (2014)

In a world where women often deal with countless social inhibitions that hold them back from their dreams and desires, a boy recalls what he and his girl went through to be together. The film is a surrealistic view of how they find strength to break free from the endlessly following social restraints, to fly away into a life they dreamed of.

Official Selection: 4th Gujarat International Film Festival of India

Somewhere Far - Teaser

Somewhere Far (English Version)

कहीं दूर (Hindi Version)

Duration: 5 mins

Cast: Aashima Goyal, Aabhas Pareek
Assistant Director  |  Casting : Piu Sarkar
Assistant Cinematographer : Vipin Yadav
Camera  |  Lighting : Prasad Padase, Rohit Singh, Vikrant Chaudhary
Music  |  Visual Effects : Jayesh Pillai
Production Designer : K. K. Balakrishnan
Production Assistants : Sanjoy Singh, Ram Dularey Vishwakarma
Lyrics : Satwik Priyadarshi, Jayesh Pillai
Singer : Ruchir Sinha
Story  |  Screenplay  |  Direction : Jayesh Pillai

Thanks to
Rutu Panchal, Mohit Choube, Pranjal Nautiyal,
Bipratim Saha, Shefali Khare, Naveen Choudhary,
Saaz (Music Club IIITDMJ), Jazbaat (Dramatics Club IIITDMJ)


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