Cinévoqué : Cinema Evoked
User-Interest Driven Live-Action Cinema in Virtual Reality

A form of responsive VR Cinema, where the storyline is driven by the viewer’s point of interest.

Presented at Unite India 2018, Hyderabad, India (5-6 Dec 2018)
with Amarnath M. and Amal Dev

Presented at Japan ACM SIGCHI Chapter 2018, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan (12-13 Dec 2018)

From VR to Architecture

Musings on potential of VR, as a student of Architecture (2005)

Few sketches from my dissertation, 13 years ago:


Static Image Display Vs Interactive Virtual Environment

AR Rakhi

If it's the thought that counts,
why not an AR (Augmented Reality) Rakhi.

Made using : Unity3D & Vuforia (& Lean Touch)


VR Film (2018) 
360° | Stereo 3D | Spatial Audio

As Aisha waits for Priya, the flutters guide her. 
She follows the Dragonfly.

Winner of Golden Fox Award (Best VR Film) Official Selection
at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF) 2018

The film is this tale of waiting. Aisha longs for the return of her lover who has undergone a grievous incident. While she holds onto a glimmer of hope, her patience begins to test her. 'Dragonfly' wishes to immerse the viewer in an experience that fluctuates between Aisha’s reality, memories and hopes.

Official Website:

Dragonfly : Trailer (2D)  |  Trailer (3D)