VR Film (2018) 
360° | Stereo 3D | Spatial Audio

As Aisha waits for Priya, the flutters guide her. 
She follows the Dragonfly.

The film is a tale of waiting. Aisha longs for the return of Priya who has undergone a grievous incident. While she holds onto a glimmer of hope, on a particular day her patience begins to test her. 

'Dragonfly' wishes to immerse the viewer in an experience that fluctuates between Aisha’s reality, memories and hopes.

Official Website:
dragonflymovie.in   |    @IMDb: Dragonfly

Trailers : Trailer (2D)  |  Trailer (3D)

Study: Production Process & Research Outcomes

Duration: 11 mins 11 secs


Written & Directed by
Jayesh Pillai

Director of Photography
Azif Ismail

Deepti Dyondi : Aisha
Nupur Aggarwal : Priya
Sanofer H  : Veeru

CGI & 3D Animation
Sanofer H

Spatial Audio
Sam Santhosh &  Jayesh Pillai

Jayesh Pillai & Azif Ismail

Visual Effects
Jayesh Pillai

360 Camera Rig Design
Anshul Patle

Camera Assistant
Uday Malap

Sound Design
Sam Santhosh

Lighting / Stills
Jishnu Krishnan

Title Song "Dragonfly"
Music by Jayesh Pillai
Lyrics by Atreyee  Mukherjee
Performed by Manasi Mankad & Vineet Kamboj

“All That Remains” by Dan Phillipson
“Lost Soul” by Swan Productions
(PremiumBeat Standard Licence)

WebVR Experience
Tuhin Bhuyan 

Production support from 
IRCC & IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay


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