VR Film (2018) 
360° | Stereo 3D | Spatial Audio

As Aisha waits for Priya, the flutters guide her. 
She follows the Dragonfly.

The film is this tale of waiting. Aisha longs for the return of her lover who has undergone a grievous incident. While she holds onto a glimmer of hope, her patience begins to test her. 'Dragonfly' wishes to immerse the viewer in an experience that fluctuates between Aisha’s reality, memories and hopes.

Official Website: dragonflymovie.in

Dragonfly : Trailer (2D)  |  Trailer (3D)

Duration: 11 mins 11 secs


Written & Directed by
Jayesh Pillai

Director of Photography
Azif Ismail

Deepti Dyondi : Aisha
Nupur Aggarwal : Priya
Sanofer H  : Veeru

CGI & 3D Animation
Sanofer H

Spatial Audio
Sam Santhosh &  Jayesh Pillai

Jayesh Pillai & Azif Ismail

Visual Effects
Jayesh Pillai

360 Camera Rig Design
Anshul Patle

Camera Assistant
Uday Malap

Sound Design
Sam Santhosh

Lighting / Stills
Jishnu Krishnan

Title Song "Dragonfly"
Music by Jayesh Pillai
Lyrics by Atreyee  Mukherjee
Performed by Manasi Mankad & Vineet Kamboj

“All That Remains” by Dan Phillipson
“Lost Soul” by Swan Productions
(PremiumBeat Standard Licence)

WebVR Experience
Tuhin Bhuyan 

Production support from 
IRCC & IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay


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