From VR to Architecture

Musings on potential of VR, as a student of Architecture (2005)

Few sketches from my dissertation, 13 years ago:


Static Image Display Vs Interactive Virtual Environment

Actual Vs Virtual Environment

Traditional Methods for Visualizing Space

An Example of Interactivity with respect to VR

Intuitive and Responsive POV in VR

Basic Components of VR


Communication through avatars in VR

Dedicated VR Spaces at Homes

Designing Spaces directly within VR

Design Testing and Evaluations within VR


  1. I really liked the way you had interwoven architecture with virtual reality.My question is,Cant virtual reality be used to study monuments and temples.
    Firstly there are many paintings in agnta,ellora caves and Hindu temples(mural paintings in temples at Kerala) which has faded over many years,cant the virtual technology be used to revive them and give them life by reconstructing them for human vision.I beleive that this can give better visual understanding of the narration.

    secondly,there are some extreme points in temples (shikaras)which cant be reached by humans,these points have always been a wonder because most of the researchers cant reach this point or alot of complication is involved,can virtual reality be used to study them by giving them better experience.
    please correct me if I am wrong.


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