Dragonfly [Unplugged]

A single-take (one-shot) music video
created as a promo for the VR Film "Dragonfly"



Song performed by: Manasi Mankad & Vineet Kamboj
Special Appearance: Deepti Dyondi
Director Of Photography: Sudesh Balan
Sound Design: Sam Santhosh
Lyrics: Atreyee Mukherjee
Music & Direction: Jayesh Pillai

Assistant Director: Azif Ismail
Assistant D.O.P.: Jishnu Krishnan
Editing: Jayesh Pillai
Production Design: Amal Dev & Siddharth Aredath
CGI: Sanofer H. & Jayesh Pillai
Music recorded at: IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay

Special Thanks: Mohit O., Rutu Panchal, Amarnath Murugan, Nupur Aggarwal


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