Designer | Assistant Professor

Obtained PhD in the field of Virtual Reality from Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France, master's degree in design (M.Des -Visual Communication) from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and bachelor's degree in architecture (B.Arch) from Kerala University, India. Has worked as a Graphic Designer at COSTFORD, Trivandrum. First independent short film ‘Beyond’ was selected for the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner 2011 and the more recent short film 'Gulzar' was selected for the Short Film Corner 2016. Previously, Assistant Professor at the Design Discipline, IIIT Jabalpur.

Presently, Assistant Professor at IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, India.


Dragonfly (VR Film, 2018, 10’)
        Winner of Golden Fox Award (Best VR Film) Official Selection
        at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF) 2019

Gulzar (2016, 15’)
        Selection at Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner 2016

#Addicted (2015, 6’ 34")
        Selection (Focus) at SIGNS Festival 2015, Kochi, Kerala

Somewhere Far (2014, 5’ 2")
        Selection at 7th Int. Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, 2014
        Selection at 4th Gujarat International Film Festival of India, 2014
        Selection at the International Euro Film Festival, 2015

Always There (2012, 6’)
        Selection (Focus) at SIGNS Festival 2013, Trivandrum, Kerala
        Selection at India International Film Festival of Tampa Bay, Florida

Unspoken (2011, 9’)
        Selection (Competition) at SIGNS Festival 2012, Palakkad, Kerala

Beyond (Original Title - Atheetham) (2010, 8’ 22”)
        Selection at Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner 2011
        Selection at New Media Film Festival 2011, Los Angeles, California
        Selection at 2nd Int. Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala

Rang de Basanti (2007, 3’ 20”) (Student Film)
        Best Film at RGB 07, NID Ahmedabad

Chal! (2007, 1’) (Student Film)
        Second Best Short Film, We Care Film Fest 08, Delhi
        Third Best Short Film, Ability Fest 07, Chennai


Evoked Reality : From Dreams to Simulations
A conceptual framework of Reality referring to Presence

(Réalité évoquée, des rêves aux simulations : un cadre conceptuel de la réalité au regard de la présence)
Arts et Métiers ParisTech d'Angers, France.
[ Access PDF from Archive (ParisTech) ]


Pillai J.S., Ismail A., and Charles H.P. (2017). "Grammar of VR Storytelling: Visual Cues", in: Virtual Reality International Conference 2017, Laval, France. 
[ Link >> ]

Pillai, J.S., Athavankar, U.A., Schmidt, C.T.A., and Richir, S. (2013). "Presence in Visual Mental Imagery", in: International Visual Informatics Conference 2013, Selangor, Malaysia. 
[ Link >> ]

Pillai, J.S., Schmidt, C.T.A., and Richir, S. (2013b). "Aesthetiography: The Next Milestone in the Confluence of Media", in: International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology. Lisbon, Portugal. 
[ Link >> ]

Pillai, J.S., Schmidt, C.T.A., and Richir, S. (2013a). Achieving Presence through Evoked Reality. Frontiers in Psychology (Frontiers in Consciousness Research) 4. 
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Escande, E.L., Christmann, O., Burkhardt, J., Kadri, A., Pillai, J.S. and Richir, S. (2010). "A longitudinal study of participative construction of requirements in real innovative projects: the case of a virtual reality software for product design", in: Virtual Reality International Conference 2010, Laval, France.

Pillai, J.S., Kadri, A., Christofol, H. and Richir, S. (2008). "Virtual Platform for Evaluation of Designer Products for Children", in: Confere 2008, Angers, France.